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amelia 3 + 6 months old


Nursing and Snuggles

With breastfeeding popularity and controversies hitting the web and all sorts of social media, mommies taking photos of their little ones nursing is not uncommon. There are thousands of blogs expressing the act in public. I admire Kim’s confidence and strong stance on normalizing breastfeeding for those around her. Being a nursing mommy myself, I thought that these photos were beautiful. They are tasteful and just scream a magical bond that only the mom and her little one can have together. I love nursing my baby…. and I know many mommies that feel the same way. Blake is 13 months old and still at it! Here are some lovely views into their quality time together.


Henry is 6 months

It has been a very long time since I have written anything on here. The holidays and spending time with my daughter took over.
May I present the most beautiful Henry in the whole world? He is my yummy nephew. His GIANT blue eyes and awesome hairdo catch your eye at first, then if you smile at him, the smile he returns just melts your face off. He is just the sweetest little man. Drooly man! I am so lucky to be related to this monster and to photograph him as well. Mr H is almost sitting on his own, so it made his photos a little challenging, but we figured it out. I don’t get to see him a lot, but when I do, I snuggle and kiss and squeeze him till the next time I see him. I love you Henry. Thank you for visiting me and your cousin so we could document your cuteness.


the strong love of three

I received a phone call from a very happy woman named Stacey. She was inquiring about a maternity session. It was August, 2013 and after asking a little about her, I found out that she was due in just a few short weeks, so we rushed the scheduling and picked a day. It was to be the following week. I sent her all the paperwork and she sent me some ideas that she loved. She was so excited to get these pictures taken and I was even more happy to take them; especially when the client is over the moon already. I met Stacey and her husband, Billy at an apple orchard in Homer Glen, Illinois. Over the years, I meet a lot of couples for many different reasons. It is almost the same story with the male clients…. they usually don’t really want to be there. Billy was the complete opposite. He was enthusiastic and had a pretty large smile as we met and walked through the orchard to find a great place to start. This told me two things….. Billy loves his wife and he is extremely happy to document the beginning of his babies life. The couple were just as sweet to each other as they were to me. Not only is this helpful in making some great memories, but it helped me get to know them as more than just clients. Maternity sessions usually last about 90 minutes. Hour after hour went by as I snapped away and watched these two kiss, rub her belly and stare in each others eyes with complete love and happiness. At that time, they did not know what they were having and had names picked out, but were not sharing. You have to love a couple that keep such a large secret like that to themselves and save the biggest of life’s surprises to when they are all together for the first time. As we came to an end with our session, we discussed the newborn session and how much fun we had with our evening of their belly rubbing and snuggling in the tall grass. I left them knowing that the pictures turned out amazing and thinking of new things to try with their little one.


A few days later, I received a phone call from Stacey’s sister. As I listened to her talk, my heart sank, my eyes teared up and I began to cry. Stacey had lost the baby. Words not easy to say, type, hear or understand. So many thoughts went through my mind. I thought of Stacey and Billy. I knew that I could not understand how they were feeling. I knew that however I felt, it could not compare to their loss and to their empty hearts. I was asked to come to the memorial and document it. As I drove to the memorial, I tried to stay calm and told myself, “No crying!” I walked to the backyard and lost it. I was quickly greeted by Stacey’s mom and sister. They were setting up; setting up for a baby that had meant so much to so many. I walked to the back of the yard and that is where I learned – they had a baby boy and his name was Daniel. I walked around as family and friends began to arrive, light candles and occupy the chairs facing Daniel’s footprints.

As I listened to the service, I learned a lot more about Stacey and Billy. The faith and love in God that they held in their hearts was strong and powerful. I learned that no matter how sad and upset they were for losing their sweet baby, they had incredible strength and joy for a son that they were able to hold and talk to. A part of them that they held in their arms and kissed as they said their goodbyes. They spoke of a little boy that changed their lives forever. He will always be their first child, a number that can never be replaced. A tiny 4 pound 9 ounce memory that they will share with their future children and never forget. Even with all the pain they had on the inside, I knew that they would be alright. They had each other and the spirit of Daniel by their side. As Billy held his blue balloon with his left hand, holding into Stacey with his right, they all prayed. They knew Daniel was with God and that he was being taken care of. As they released their balloons into the air; Stacey kissing hers before letting go, they  all stared up and clapped. Even though their hearts will never fully heal, I am sure there was some faithful weight taken off knowing that their Daniel was watching them, feeling all the love that was released into the air to greet him.

addison turns three

It is that time again. To hang out with the coolest blonde haired beauty. Miss Addison. Can you believe she is already three? I remember taking her cake smash photos when she turned one and what a mess we had on our hands. Now, she has turned into quite an amazing little girl. She is sweet and always gives me hugs when she see me. She loves her mommy and daddy and her new brother Zachary. I would also like to say that her wardrobe is pretty spectacular and I always ask where mommy gets her clothes. Her bright smile and silly sense of humor along with the sweetest voice, I just love her. And I know for a fact that her mommy and daddy are pretty in love with her as well. They are all lucky to have each other and I am lucky to know them….. and privileged to watch her grow up and document it.



This little man made his way into the world in July. I had the pleasure of meeting him a few weeks after he was born and I got to meet his big brother too! The love that his big brother had for him was sweet and contagious. Both had these amazing dark eyes and brown hair. His session was a natural one. That meaning, he was never sleeping and not posed. He led the session with his own posing and body language. Sometimes, those pictures are just the sweetest and a great way to show off what he really looks like. What a sweet family and I am sure they will be the best of friends. Jackson is almost three months old now and I get to see his cute little butt this weekend. All that tells me is I am taking way too long editing!! By besides that, babies grow way to fast. Why cant their baby stage take double the time? What’s the rush for them to get so big so fast? I look forward to seeing how this sweet little guy has changed over the weeks and to see his smiley mommy again.



I have known Lindsey for several years and we even used to work together about 8 years ago… folding clothes, but I won’t go into details there. This very pretty soon to be momma has one of the best personalities, smiles, laughs and attitude that anyone can own. She really does just have a gleam about her and makes you want to know her and then stay in touch, even if it has been eight years. She is a fiery red head that has the same fiery sense of humor. This maternity session has to be one of my favorites, so was game for anything and we laughed through the whole thing. I can not wait to meet her little girl in just a few days and hopefully get to watch her grow up as well. Congrats to Lindsey and her beau, Kyle. I wish you all the best and a healthy baby girl to spoil rotten!!!

family fun

This cute threesome was in from Vegas and I had the pleasure of meeting them before they left. From their quirkiness to their attire, they were all smiles and extremely sweet. I could tell that they will all grow up and be the best of friends. Thanks for letting me hang out with you for a bit. vegas

Cora is six months

It feels like yesterday that I met little Cora as a three month old, so tiny and squiggly with her little piggy noises. Now she is sitting on her own and still stealing hearts. Just look at that smile, its contagious. She is just a precious little girl. And she is pretty lucky, I know I have said before that her parents are awesome, but let me stress it again! They are down to earth and silly and just madly in love with this little bell. Again, we had outfit changes, something that I love. It opens up the variety, look and feel of the photos. Cora, I can not wait to see you in a few more months…. you make me smile and I get to snuggle with you just for a minute.

cora6 cora6-2